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My name is Katie Early and welcome to Early Arrivals. I'm excited to be able to share my adventures with you! I'm originally from upstate New York but spent 9 years living in Boston, Massachusetts after college. I just recently moved to Dublin, Ireland for a job opportunity with my husband, Andrew, and our 5 year old labradoodle, Sammy. 

I was fortunate to do a lot of traveling as a kid and it instilled in me an urge to never stop exploring. I've traveled to 25+ countries and plan to keep that number growing! One of the real motivators around making the move abroad was the opportunity to travel in Europe and take advantage of so many countries and cultures being at our fingertips.

I'm starting Early Arrivals to share my adventures, give tips & advice to fellow travelers, and hopefully inspire others to jump on a plane and see somewhere new! Thanks for following my journey!

xo Katie 







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